Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost 1 Year Later and No Word From Shades

I have been home from treatment for almost one year. Can you believe it? Wow!

I am watching Addicted to Food on OWN and realized that's it's been almost one year since I've been home and not ONCE did Shades ever try to follow up with me after treatment.

I left and thank god I am doing ok because their aftercare plan is
NONEXISTENT! It's pretty sad really. $20,000, a few weeks in Buffalo Gap, and then - poof - Shades is gone from your life forever. One call from them or even an email would have been nice!

Oh well, I don't feel it is necessary to contact them to tell them I am doing well. I am not sure how much they had to do with it.

Did you go to Shades of Hope and have a similar experience or an experience like this at another treatment center? Maybe this lack of post-treatment communication is normal?! Who knows!

Blind date tomorrow! Wish me luck!