Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost 1 Year Later and No Word From Shades

I have been home from treatment for almost one year. Can you believe it? Wow!

I am watching Addicted to Food on OWN and realized that's it's been almost one year since I've been home and not ONCE did Shades ever try to follow up with me after treatment.

I left and thank god I am doing ok because their aftercare plan is
NONEXISTENT! It's pretty sad really. $20,000, a few weeks in Buffalo Gap, and then - poof - Shades is gone from your life forever. One call from them or even an email would have been nice!

Oh well, I don't feel it is necessary to contact them to tell them I am doing well. I am not sure how much they had to do with it.

Did you go to Shades of Hope and have a similar experience or an experience like this at another treatment center? Maybe this lack of post-treatment communication is normal?! Who knows!

Blind date tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. Rader never contacted me, but every week there was one group session dedicated to aftercare and discharge planning. Meaning, by the time we left, all of us had to be connected to either an outpatient center or have a treatment team that would work with us once we left. Really, that's all they are obligated to do. They have other clients to worry about, and I'm okay that I'm not their top priority. It's not their responsibility to hold my hand after I'm out the door.

  2. A blind date!!!!!! how exciting! hope it goes well!

  3. I stumbled onto your blog today and I am deeply touched. I would like to communicate with you privately. Compassionately, Daryl. daryl@amtelecom.net

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  5. how did the blind date goooo????

  6. At the end YOU will be alright!


  7. I am reading this six months after it was written. I watched that show on OWN as well...it is sad that they don't follow up. But....I personally would love to hear more from you...how are you? Indeed, how was that blind date?

  8. hi there,

    I read your blog and I think its amazing you are sharing your inspiring journey with the world. I am interested in talking to you about being a guest on ABC's show The Revolution. We have a segment coming up about food addiction. Please email me at
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  9. I think the website is fantastic and as a GP new to locuming it has addressed all my anxieties about managing the bookings, invoicing, pension forms etc, so thank you!

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  10. Hey, I just came across your blog there when I was googling Binge Diary because I'm feeling very vulnerable and close to bingeing at the moment and wanted to be reminded of how bad bingeing is for me and how it doesn't actually solve my problems.

    Although today isn't going so well at all, I should say that things in general have been better than they have been in years because I've been going to Overeaters Anonymous. It's been a real lifesaver for me in the last few months and has helped me so much to be honest.

    Hope that you're doing well,