50 Things to Accomplish in 2011

1. Run/Walk a 5K
2. Run a mile
3. Go to a yoga class
4. Refrain from eating out for a week
5. Refrain from drinking soda for 2 weeks
6. Try 25 new recipes
7. Go to the grocery store every Sunday
8. Go rock climbing
9. Learn to make Barley Soup
10. Keep food journal for two weeks straight
11. Lose 10 lbs
12. Floss teeth every day for two weeks
13. Wear hair down (and straightened) every day for two weeks

14. Find a coffee table
15. Find patio furniture
16. Buy plants
17. Set up art and crafts area

18. Create a budget and stick to it
19. Write down all expenses for a month
20. Refrain from shopping for an entire month

21. Get 100 followers on TBD
22. Create personal public website
23. Post writing samples to website
24. Start personal blog

25. Become involved in AMA
26. Get a mentor
27. Get written recommendations from old colleagues
28. Go to lunch with one new coworker each month
29. Go to one work happy hour each month
30. Take the GMAT
31. Find freelance writing gig and get published

32. Visit local art gallery
33. Take art class
34. Finish painting for apartment
35. Sell a painting on Esty

36. Visit a museum
37. Make a new friend
38. Volunteer somewhere
39. Take dog to park
40. Write down every dream I have for a week
41. Join dating website
42. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy
43. Make photo book of europe trip
44. Whiten teeth
45. Send postcard to Post Secret
46. Take grandma to lunch
47. Go to a movie alone
48. Write and send 2 snail mail letters per month
49. Go one week without hitting the snooze button
50. Go to a beach