Friday, December 24, 2010

Riding Boots

I'm still doing well! Bummed about my boots situation though so help me out. Everyone is wearing cute riding boots this winter. Where can I find Wide calf riding boots? Just want to fit in!!!


  1. I feel ya. I'm still searching for bike shorts or a triathlon bib that has some sort of anti-jiggle properties to them. I too just want to fit in. Dang hard when I take up twice as much room as all my little pip-squeak triathlon buddies

  2. You might have to check out online stores. Have you tried to see what Evans has ? It's good to know your calf size before purchasing anything online. "Wide" could mean a range of things.

    It's good to hear that you're doing well. I was starting to wonder if you had been so well that you had abandoned the blog altogether :)

    I hope you continue to do well.


  3. I agree with searching online, that is probably a good place to start. I know you said you want riding boots, but what about Uggs? They are super cute (and cozy) and they fit big about the calves. Hope it helps!

  4. Thanks, all. it is a good idea to measure. I actually went and got a pair of old boots stretched at a shoe hospital so that should work for the short term.

    I actually have short uggs but the tall ones wont fit me because of my big calves! Oiy!