Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Update

Hi all!

Quick update: I have been doing pretty well. Things aren't magically better, but ofcourse I am more optimistic about my weight everything now. I am still having trouble being negative and not feeling left out with my friends. Food-wise, I have been doing a LOT better. I have lost about 3 or 4 pounds, which is good. I know I am being crazy, but I thought it would come off faster. I am been trying to eat well! I guess slow is healthy. I need to look at the positive - with everything in my life.

Ok. Gotta go.

How do you stay positive? I need some advice in order to make myself learn how to be happy!


  1. So stay positive I try to think of how others have it worse than I do. Then I go through a "grateful alphabet." For every letter of the alphabet, I say something I'm grateful for. Example: A: I'm grateful for the area I live in. B: I'm grateful for the blessings I receive. C: I'm grateful for my car. Etc., etc. It's sort of corny but also forces you to see the things you take for granted.

  2. Step by step, you'll get there!
    Really lame and frustrating but, yes, taking it slow is better than wanting to rush things or change your whole lifestyle in a week or two (which is impossible anyway).
    Give yourself at least one compliment every day, not necessarily related to food or your body, and don't forget the little things.

    Good luck!

  3. Lately I've been forcing myself to find beauty in little things. Like nature, and scenery, and songs I like. Small steps. There is no magic pill for 'happiness'. I've just found that I've gotten on a more even keel by not seeking too hard. If that makes sense...

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