Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phentermine - And the Journey Begins...

Hi all,

So, I know many of you aren't going to approve what I am going to say in this post, but I am going to write about it anyway because I write this blog for ME. 

I started taking Phentermine again. This is the prescription diet pill that I took 5 or so years ago that made me lose 40+ pounds. I took it for three years and then eventually it wore off and I gained the weight back (more on that later). I have been taking Phentermine for two days and I already feel great. I am eating a lot less (and more importantly healthier) and that has given me HOPE. I haven’t binged (because I feel full) and I am very hopeful that this will help me get back down to a healthy weight and teach me how to eat better.

I had a choice to make. I could keep gaining weight (and bingeing) which would probably lead to diabetes OR give this drug another try. My weight is slowly becoming a serious medical issue (I am 5’3 and considered “severely obese”), so my doctor recommended this. I know that the drug will eventually wear off (like it did last time), but it is worth it even if it works a little bit. I have tried hundreds of times to lose weight myself and it just doesn’t work with my eating issues. This drug will help me eat intuitively, while keeping my appetite under control. It will help me learn to be healthy. Next, I have to figure out the food plan situation. Do you go to a dietitian while practicing intuitive eating? How does that work?

I feel very positive about this. I want to be able to at least shop in regular stores and feel okay about myself. Last weekend, I was supposed to go to a big formal fundraiser on Saturday night and I didn't go because I felt so horrible about the way I looked in my dress. That shouldn't happen. I should be able to LIVE MY LIFE.

I understand the risks and that this isn't a "magic" pill that will take away the way I feel about myself or my eating issues, but it will definitely give me a boost for the short term and get me on track. I am working on dealing with the underlying issues anyway, so this is coming at the problem from a different angle.

Ofcourse, I am worried about what happens when the effects eventually wear off. So, I have to do everything differently this time: learn how to like/cook healthy foods, find a form of exercise that I actually enjoy, manage coming off of the drug, etc.

I was thinking about the last time I took this drug and slowly gained all of the weight back. A big part of the issue was that I was very depressed about leaving college and moving back home. I was in a bad place. This time, I must manage everything differently. 

Here's some information about Phentermine:
"Phentermine is used for a limited period of time to speed weight loss in overweight people who are exercising and eating a low-calorie diet. Phentermine is in a class of medications called anorectics. It works by decreasing appetite."
"Phentermine works on the hypothalamus portion of the brain to release norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger that signals a fight-or-flight response, reducing hunger. Phentermine works outside the brain as well to release epinephrine or adrenaline causing fat cells to break down stored fat, but the principal basis of efficacy is hunger-reduction. At clinically relevant doses, phentermine also releases serotonin and dopamine, but to a much lesser extent than that of norepinephrine."


  1. You have to do what is right for you, your body, and your life. If it is this fantastic, if it's raising pet llamas you do you, it doesn't matter. It's your life, and you're owning it which is awesome. I think doing something that gives you hope is a positive step. I would definitely see a dietitian while figuring our intuitive eating, and reshaping your food outlook. Support and guidance is never a bad thing especially when re-educating your mind and outlook on something you have struggled with.

  2. I've passed on an award to you, drop by my blog to pick it up :-)

  3. I agree this product will make you drop the pounds. I took it a few years ago to lose weight after having a baby. In 6 weeks I lost 17 lbs. I have gained that wieght back plus more. I've decided to try it again. I have so much energy I can't sit still. The down side is I can't concentrate. I'm very moody. I can't fall asleep for at least an hour after going to bed. Sometimes I can feel my heart beating to fast. If I don't start showing serious weight loss I may stop taking phentermine because of all the side effects.

  4. I understand your struggle, and I hope this works for you. I would HIGHLY recommend Geneen Roth's books on compulsive eating. They have literally changed my life

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