Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Work I Go

It is going to be SO hard to go back to work tomorrow after being off for over a week. It was nice to sleep late, hang out, and have fun. I know that if I didn't have a job I would be bored to tears (and depressed), but I loved not working this week. I know I am probably not the only one ;) When I came back from residential treatment, before I started working again, I was miserable. So, I know working is the best for me... not as if it is really an option anyway.

Are YOU ready to go back to work tomorrow?

P.S. - Just ordered some cute shirts from City Chic! This is the type of plus size clothing I am looking for (or what they have at Forever 21 Plus). Any suggestions are welcome!!


  1. Work IS a great way to occupy the mind. I loved school too. I actually miss it.

    1.Try ASOS Curve, if you haven't yet. (I love the fact that the models do the runway walk so you can see what the stuff MIGHT look like on you)
    2.There's (though a friend told me that price/quality ratio, not all that)
    Another one:
    If I can think of any other places, I might return.

  2. Thanks, Elle. Asos is great, but I hate Torrid and doesnt look like its in the U.S. Thanks for the suggestions!!