Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in Action

Hi everyone. I haven't written in a while. Things have been crazy busy and I have lots of updates.

1. Wedding- The wedding went great. It was a huge milestone for me. I MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEKEND and I actually had a LOT of fun. There were moments when I felt bad about myself and moments that I wanted to run away, but I stuck it out, laughed and danced with my friends, and made it through. VICTORY! My friends told my mom that I was back to my normal self. I got up and gave a funny rehearsal dinner speech and wore my new cute outfits (thanks,

2. IOP/New Psychologist- I stopped doing the IOP but am continuing to see the psychologist who leads it while my previous therapist is on maternity leave. This new one is awesome. I really like her and am hoping that it is something that will help me. She believes in DBT, intuitive eating, and has a ton of ideas that I never tried at residential treatment. I am meeting with the dietitian tomorrow.

3. Bingeing- Today was the first day that I didn't binge in a while. I would tell you about my binges last week, but I am looking forward and not back.

4. 24 Hour- Yesterday, I joined 24 Hour Fitness. I went to a crazy spinning class with my dad yesterday and to a weights class with my mom today. Both were very hard. I was embarrassed because I was out of shape compared to the rest of the people there, but at least I am trying! TWO DAYS OF GYM IN A ROW! That is so unlike me :) I am trying NEW BEHAVIORS! I guess that is progress :)
I also did some other positive things today
  • I worked half day and straightened my hair/dressed well
  • I was supposed to meet my mom at Nordstroms, but told her I would go alone because it would be unhealthy for us to go together (yay boundaries)
  • I worked out!
  • I am writing in this blog (finally)!
  • I met with my new therapist and felt good about our meeting.
How have you been, fellow readers?

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  1. yay!!! You are doing awesome!!! Go you!! Looking forward! I'm proud of you!