Monday, September 20, 2010


I can't stop comparing myself to others. Sometimes comparing can be healthy but I am basing my self worth on how I measure up to everyone else. I think everyone is out to get me or leave me out. I often feel like people are doing things to spite me but then find out I was completely wrong and the situation had nothing to do with me. I look at others and always think the grass is greener. I am self centered. Everything is about how situations make me feel.

When will I be ok in my own skin?

On another note, I have been doing pretty well. Bingeing has been a little better and today I signed up for a ten week art class that meets once a week! I have been pushing myself to do more social things. Yay for little steps.


  1. Oh yeah this is where slogans come in handy...


    The only person you should ever compare yourself to is YOU in the past. Your only measure should be *your own progress* NOT how you measure up to anyone else because you should


    If you're comparing to someone else, you're never even getting the whole story on them. You're just imagining everything you think you know about them, because you can't see how well they're really doing in all the ways that matter most!

    Do you have someone you can call when you get obsessed with bingeing thoughts? I'm hesitant to say you should pray, because I don't know how you feel about that, but you shouldn't be sitting and "white knuckling it" alone. This is a powerful and cunning disease and it is not something that you can fight with just willpower... that's too much for anyone.

    We have tools for a reason: USE THEM! You DON'T have to do this alone!

  2. be strong girl. you are beautiful. i know its hard not to compare, but just focus on YOU. focus on making YOU happy. making YOU love yourself. you can do this :)