Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Time and Getting Rid of Baggage

This weekend was a good one because I spent a lot of time with my family. I also feel a lot better than I did last weekend. I think my new meds are kicking in. The whole weekend was pretty positive except for friday night when I found myself in a bar social situation and felt bad about my appearance compared to all of the other skinny, well-dressed girls. I left and everything was okay though. Whew. Not easy.

Today I went to my parents house and got rid of all my skinny clothes from college (size 6, 8, 10) to make room for the size 12, 14, and some 16s that don't fit. It is hard to wake up every day to clothes that don't fit. I need only size 16 and 18 in my closet so i don't become sad every morning when I open my closet. I am trying to clean out my life and get rid of the baggage- in more ways than one! I thought it would be more depressing than it was but I was actually okay. I kept thinking about how I was not WELL at size 6. I was taking a lot of prescription diet pills. I did not get there in a healthy way. Anyway, today I even sold a few items at Buffalo Exchange and gave some items to a skinny friend. Watching the size 6s be too big on her was a little hard because during that skinny time in my life she was a good friend. I feel so distant from her and that part of my life now. The biggest loss is the cute clothes. Oh the designer jeans and amazing tops. :( back to my plus size wardrobe.

I did not monitor my food this weekend. I did good Tuesday- Thursday but then everything ended. I didn't binge this weekend because i was with my family, but definitely overate. Tonight I sat down and recorded today's food, but I know I need to record my food right after I eat it along with my feelings so that u can notice patterns in my eating and my feelings. I'm getting back on track tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I think clearing out the wardrobe can be really cleansing!
    Glad you had a good weekend. I'm really bad out in social situations especially when it's not in a familiar person's home. That said I usually drink too much and get over it, not that that's a good solution, just means I have fun...