Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Blessings

1. I was in a bad mood in the morning and got over it. Why? I went to lunch with my coworkers and got my mind off of my stressful job.

2. I skipped my therapy group to relax. Why? I knew I was exhausted and needed a night off. It was good to watch tv and just "veg."

3. I crossed some things off of my to do list. Why? I felt motivated to make the list smaller.

I did binge today, but other than that it was an okay day. I hadn't binged in DAYS and that made me feel restless and anxious. I was tired and didn't want to figure out dinner so I just ordered Chinese, which is always a bad idea.

Along with my food monitoring, I am weighing once a week, every Tuesday morning. Since last week, I have gained two pounds. That's a bummer since I binged less this week.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and gotta go to sleep.

How was your day? What blessings did you notice today and why did they happen? Did you binge?

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