Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fatty Deposit Goes To Dinner

So I am about to go out to dinner with a few of my friends because one of them has a college friend in town. I told them I wouldn't go out after, but would come to dinner. That's pretty big for me.

I am ready with makeup on and my hair done. It does feel a little better to have my hair done because haven't straightened it in a while (usually I just throw it up in a ponytail). I did get ready and use makeup everyday in my skinny days... Now it is much more rare. Anyway, I am wearing a cotton sleeveless dress (one of the few that still fits me) with spanx (story of my life) and my flabby arms are out in the open. I hope nobody stares.

Background on my flabby arms: I lost a LOT of wait a few years ago and spent most of my college days as a skinny girl. Then, when I gained everything back in the last two years, the arm fat came back in this weird, lumpy way... I have a lump of fat on my right arm (not on my left). I used to joke and call it a "fatty deposit" before it got really big. This is obviously not going to be cute in the bridesmaid dress.

Anyway, I am going to try to have a good night despite my "fatty deposit" and my jealously of my cute friends who will show up wearing their cute designer outfits.

Earlier today, I went with my mom to get the bridesmaid dress altered one last time (I look horrible in it) and then we each got pedicures. After the nail place, I went back to my apartment and took a nap: I sleep way too much.

More tomorrow.



  1. I left a comment the other day but the internet vortex seems to have swallowed it. I have the same thing, only on my right arm, I couldn't say when it arrived, I hope it will leave soon, like you I am very conscious of it. Good on you for getting into the sleeveless dress and going out. Hope you were able to relax and enjoy your evening out.

  2. Good for you for taking the step to get out!! You can do this, darlin' :)