Friday, April 9, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

Things I hate about being overweight:
  • Plus size clothing is only made for frumpy old women
  • My friends talk about cute designer clothes and I feel awful
  • Boys don't give me the time of day
  • Even if a guy did like me, I would be too embarrassed to ever be naked infront of him
  • My stomach rolls over my jeans when I sit down
  • Stretch marks
  • When I wear a skirt and walk to much, my theighs rub together
  • I have fatty lumps on my arms and can't wear sleeveless tops in the summer
  • My ankles and wrists are swollen
  • I can't get the expensive ring that my mom got me to slide off of my big fat finger and now I might have to get it cut off
  • The way skinny people look at me like I am disgusting
  • The way that people look at me in public when I am eating something unhealthy, thinking "she really should ony be eating salads."

Things I like about being overweight:
  • I have something to hide behind, a reason to be unhappy
  • I feel like it's almost okay to binge because I am already fat anyway
  • I can stay home on a Saturday night and just chill. Less pressure to be social
  • I am very understanding of people with different physical features because I know how hard it is to be a fat person in today's society- how you look does not determine who you are

And so here goes another Friday night alone in my apartment with nothing but my thoughts...

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  1. "How you look does not determine who you are"...I *love* that and that is something that has taken me awhile to grasp (okay a long time, and I haven't *fully* grasped it for myself yet, but getting there..) I think that will be a good mantra for me. Have a wonderful day!