Friday, April 16, 2010

Is This Really Anonymous?

I have a weird inkling that nothing on the internet is secret. I really want to write in this blog and spill my guts (and I have), but I am scared that this blog will somehow be linked back to me. With background checks and internet tracking, am I really ok to blog freely (and anonymously)? Should I go ahead and delete this blog right now while I am still safe? I saw that 180 people have checked out my ramblings and although I am really doing this for me, its great to get comments and let others know that they aren't alone out there.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Keep doing what you are doing sweetheart. If you don't have your real name attached to your blog in any way, you should be fine. While it's true anything you put out on the internet can probably be tracked, I wouldn't let that stop you from pouring your heart out. It's cathartic, a release that I know you need. We need to know as women that we are not alone, that there are others struggling with the same issues that we are. My heart just breaks for you when I read how sad and lonely you feel. You are strong and capable and I know in my heart of hearts that you will get through this. Sending cyber-hugs your way. Get out and do something today and make it a fabulous day for yourself :)

  2. don't delete your blog! its so therapeutic, like molly said if you didn't put your real name/don't put pictures of yourself, all is well. The 180 visits mean that there is 180 other people going through something similar to what you're going through, and we can all support each other. keep it up :)

  3. Don't worry about anonymity. As long as you don't put any information that can be specifically linked to you (like your name, address, or specific names of places you go to) I think you'll be fine. I've questioned my blog as well, especially because I've listed specific events in my life that if someone I knew read them, they would know it was me. But then the chances of them looking up a food/eating disorder blog is really, really rare. And if they did find it? They were meant to for some reason. Like others have said, keep the blog up. It's a good tool, and getting feedback is a great tool as well.