Saturday, August 21, 2010

At This Very Moment, I am Okay.

Hi everyone. 
At this very moment I am doing okay. That is big for me. Yesterday was hard, but I pushed myself to spend some time with my friends. It felt good to not be all alone.

I have binged a lot lately, but right now I am sitting on my bed, writing this blog post, and it feels good to have SOMETHING to do. This blog has helped me a lot in my food addiction/binge eating/compulsive overeating journey. Thanks to you too, fellow bloggers. It has been a great help for me to read about your experiences.

Bad news: I skipped my morning OA meeting today. I woke up late, looked at my clock, and thought, "NO WAY."

Good news: Tonight I am seeing "Eat Pray Love" with a friend. I am excited because I loved the book.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I have dinner scheduled with my parents but I am still angry with them for "abandoning" me through this hard time. I know that isn't really want they are doing, but that's the way it feels. I know I sound like a bratty teenager. Grrr.

How are you all today?


  1. yay, yay, yaY! I'm so proud of you for recognizing this moment - you're doing okay. You can do this!

  2. {{{Hugs} to you! I saw your comment on my blog (you're welcome btw) and I just wanted to give you encouragement. Blogging has been so helpful to my recovery, just to get out what's inside of me in the safety of anonymity. I get a lot out of what you have to say. Things will get better.