Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, today was okay eating-wise but dinner got hard. I skipped my art class because I was tired after work. I had every intention of going and even put my supplies in my car before work.

Anyway, here is the damage I did today. I ate double the points I was supposed to eat, but again, I tracked everything and didn't have a horrible binge. Trying to be proud of that...

-Whole wheat bagel with cream chese
-Cottage cheese

-Gyro Sandwich with tzatziki sauce
-Approx. 20 pita chips with hummus
-Diet Coke

-WW chicken parm meal
-Can of Progresso Light soup
-Green Giant Just for One broccoli and cheese
-Whole wheat english muffin and piece of pepper jack cheese
-2 WW ice cream candy bars (3 points each)

Clearly dinner did not go as planned. Probably because I had nothing planned except maybe picking up Subway. No plans = bad news!

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